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London survey
-A Comparison on Creative Power-

Cultural cities provide people who value the attractiveness of metropolises with places to enjoy culture, to provide inspiration, and to serve as wellsprings for creating even more cultural enjoyments. London succeeded in changing its stiff and outdated image to one that is advanced and stimulating by implementing cultural strategies: Cool Britannia, and others that have been a high priority in the UK since the early 1900s. This research focuses on creative industries that provide inspiration and from which ideas are born, as well as on the people who are engaged in such industries and on the locations where they are active.

Areas in which companies that have the momentum for bearing these aspects of cities are a large strength for attracting not only people who work in the offices, but also a large strength for the people who are visiting and for the people who take up new residence in such areas; by bringing together the people of relevant industry sectors, such areas enable the birth of new things.
By surveying and researching various industries related to the cultures of London and Tokyo, the objective of this research is to serve as a trigger to recreate Tokyo into a “creative city that produces synergistic effects.”